Convertible Dress Styles To Match The Body Type

Whether you have an oval, wedge, hourglass, pear or apple body shape, there is a perfect style of convertible dress to complement the shape and leave you looking flawless. Everybody has a particular body type and it is just a case of matching the right style of dress to the shape of your body. A well-fitted dress has the ability to improve not only the overall look, but also in regards to self-confidence. A great style is the wrap dress and comes in styles like a-line, strapless, one-shoulder, and halter.

Here are a few of the common dress options and body types:


The apple body relates to women with a bust area that is a little bigger than the hips. A great style for the this body type is the wrap dress. The preferred dress is likely to include the A-line style because it has the ability to bring out the best features of the body shape. Also, this dress looks great when combined a wedge, heels or sandals.


The pear body can be said to be a curvaceous shape. The women with this body shape have the wide and curved lower body compared to the upper section. A great style of outfit is the dress that has a long flowering look. This dress will hang well on the firm shoulders and wrap around the hips. Also, the strapless style of dress that highlights the shoulders is great for the pear body shape.


The wedge body has a broad chest area with wide shoulders and a narrow hip area. Women with this body shape mostly have long, graceful legs. A great style to complement the wedge body is the knee-length dress. This style is certain to help draw attention to the attractive legs. Also, this type of dress with a sweetheart neckline is certain to go well with this body shape.


The hourglass body is an attractive shape with the well-defined bust and hip line that are at a similar width. The point that draws attention is the waistline because of the body’s curves. This is a further body type that looks great with the wrap style of dress. The wrap style closes around the waist to help create an effect similar to wearing a belt and makes the curves stand out. Also, the V-neck dress style is certain to benefit this type of body shape.