Key Features of Designer Leather Bags You Should Look For Before Buying

Bags of all types are a basic need for everyone. Both men and women look for a wide variety of bags in their daily life. These bags look different and they have different utilities as well. For example, a wallet and a ladies purse are different in their appearance but they serve more or less similar utilities. In the same manner, a duffle bag and a laptop bag look different and they serve different purposes as well. At present, the market is flooded with a large variety of bags and the manufacturers have been very particular about meeting the quality and expectations of the buyers as well.

If you are planning to buy the best quality of bags for yourself, then the designer leather bags should get the top priority. The leading manufacturers of these bags are doing a great job as they have come with some exciting quality of bags. While you search for the designer leather bags, you can even think to buy the best quality of handmade leather bags as they guarantee quality every time you trust them. However, you need to be very careful about a few things to get the guaranteed products that you could use for a longer period.

Keep the following things in your mind while you search for the top quality of these bags:

Be Brand Conscious:

Getting branded product has become a fascination these days, and to some extent, it is safe as well. You can look for branded designer leather bags as they spell quality in every aspect. To reach the top manufacturer and their top products, you must search the Internet and conduct a survey both online and offline.

Find the Reputation of the Product:

As said, a large number of manufacturers are available these days, and most of them claim them to be the best. Without considering their claim, you should always prefer getting the reputation of the company and its products. You should always insist on getting the reputation before you take your pick. While seeking the reputation online, you should never forget to get the remarks of the people around you. Get their opinions as well because they are also likely to help you in the end.

Never Consider Outer Appearance:

Outer appearance does not make any significance at all. The superficial look does not guarantee quality. You should always get a product that guarantees great quality and lasts long too. Before you buy Leather Handbags for Women, you must ensure that you get a product that is more durable than it’s looks. Such a bag may or may not look beautiful, but it brings you better value for your money.

Get the Cost Quotes:

Pricing is a great part of your job before you select the top designer leather bag. Obviously, a better quality of bag is likely to be more expensive and there should be no hesitation for you to pay more for the best quality of the product. Before you decide your product, you must get the details of the products, especially features and cost. You should compare the cost impartially, and then decide your pick.

Your attention to these things can take you closer to the top quality of designer leather bags. You must pay a close attention towards the technical excellence of the product before you get the right bag for yourself.

Tips You Should Consider When Buying Jackets for Women

If you are a woman, your wardrobe can’t be complete without a beautiful jacket that suits your style. Nowadays, you can look for the right jacket without any problem as they come in many styles, colors, and sizes. Given below are a few tips to help shop for one more easily.


As said earlier, jackets for ladies come in loads of designs and each type is designed for a certain purpose. So, one design may not be the choice of everyone. As a general rule, if you are a young woman or you are young at heart, we suggest that you go for a waist-length good quality biker jacket. The good news is that they can be found in many harming colors. Among most girls, short but skinny bomber jackets are quite popular. Denim jackets are also popular.

Winter jackets

If you have been looking for cold season jackets, it’s a good idea to opt for thigh length or hip length types that come with hoods. These hoods are in line with the faux fur trims. The majority of them feature a comfortable layer of a comfortable sheepskin-effect fleece for extra warmth in winter. Aside from this, you can choose overcoats, quilted, blazer or duffle jackets, just to name a few.


Based on your own taste, you can go for a classic or modern product. It can also be a combo of both. If you are buying online, you can read the description of each style to find out if a product meets your needs.

Embellishment details

Typically, a jacket that features two pockets on the front and a full-length zipper enclosure is not in fashion these days. Ideally, you may want to choose one that can give you some modern features. For instance, it should include inner pockets, buttons, double-layer collars, ribbed cuffs and toggle closures, just to name a few.


While you can put on a loose one, make sure it’s not too big. Moreover, it’s important that you choose one based on your body shape and size. A standard size will be a good choice if you have a small frame. On the other hand, if you are tall, make sure you pay heed to the sleeves of the jacket. So, you can go for a medium, large or extra large size.


You can find coats for women that come in many colors. Generally, women should look attractive and beautiful, and that is what they can achieve with colors. As far as choosing color is concerned, you can go for white, grey, orange, maroon, pink, yellow, olive, green, purple, black, blue or navy.


Normally, jackets are priced based on their uses, length, fabric quality, style and many other factors. Since lots of shops deal in women jackets, comparing different coats can be easy so you can get the best deal. This will help you save a lot of money so you can spend that money on something more important.

Hopefully, you can get your hands on the best jacket by following the tips given above.

6 Dresses Every Women Must Own

Out of every other piece of clothing meant for women, dresses are certainly the easiest option to choose and the most versatile. You never have to match them with a pair of bottom-wear. All you need is a dress that suits the occasion, complementing shoes and bag, and you are good to walk into the world. Moreover, you can accessorize the same dress with a jacket and a change of shoes & bag for an entirely different occasion.

Isn’t it just what you need!

To make your wardrobe friendlier and trendy, here are a few types of a dress for women that must be in every wardrobe.

The A-line maxi dress: Finding a flattering fit with a dress can be difficult at times, which makes the maxi dress in A-line a preferred choice. It flares out at the waist, allowing for a more comfortable silhouette to move in. Because of its length, it is ideal for semi-formal events.

The fit and flare dress: Perfect for those who are blessed in the hip area, the fit and flare dress accentuates the waist and then flares out beautifully. Depending on the fabric and the neckline, this dress can we worn on any occasion be it a wedding, formal meeting, dates, and more.

The little black dress: Slimming and the easiest one to accessorize, nothing can go wrong when you are wearing a black dress that ends anywhere between the thigh and knee. Wear it with flats or heels, use a bold lipstick, complement it with a jacket in popping color, there’s always a lot of scope and always a chance to go minimalist with the little black dress.

The pencil dress: The best way to give your body a proper structure with sleek lines is with a pencil dress. Often recalled as the boardroom dress, nothing grants a business look better than a pencil dress with contrasting jacket and high heels.

The shirt dress: Polished yet casual, the shirt dress gives you a chance to be both comfortable and pulled together at the same time. It is breezy with a structured silhouette, making it ideal for every body type. To up the game, you can wear it with a belt. You can wear it to the office and for the casual setting alike.

The tank dress: The tank dress is what summers and monsoon are all about. It is airy and allows you to have an easy movement without constrictions. Wear it with wedges for summer parties and with sandals for casual day-to-day chores.

To make things easier, you can also buy a dress for women online given the vast variety offered from both national and international brands. Make sure you choose a reputed company’s online store to stay assured of quality and size.

Convertible Dress Styles To Match The Body Type

Whether you have an oval, wedge, hourglass, pear or apple body shape, there is a perfect style of convertible dress to complement the shape and leave you looking flawless. Everybody has a particular body type and it is just a case of matching the right style of dress to the shape of your body. A well-fitted dress has the ability to improve not only the overall look, but also in regards to self-confidence. A great style is the wrap dress and comes in styles like a-line, strapless, one-shoulder, and halter.

Here are a few of the common dress options and body types:


The apple body relates to women with a bust area that is a little bigger than the hips. A great style for the this body type is the wrap dress. The preferred dress is likely to include the A-line style because it has the ability to bring out the best features of the body shape. Also, this dress looks great when combined a wedge, heels or sandals.


The pear body can be said to be a curvaceous shape. The women with this body shape have the wide and curved lower body compared to the upper section. A great style of outfit is the dress that has a long flowering look. This dress will hang well on the firm shoulders and wrap around the hips. Also, the strapless style of dress that highlights the shoulders is great for the pear body shape.


The wedge body has a broad chest area with wide shoulders and a narrow hip area. Women with this body shape mostly have long, graceful legs. A great style to complement the wedge body is the knee-length dress. This style is certain to help draw attention to the attractive legs. Also, this type of dress with a sweetheart neckline is certain to go well with this body shape.


The hourglass body is an attractive shape with the well-defined bust and hip line that are at a similar width. The point that draws attention is the waistline because of the body’s curves. This is a further body type that looks great with the wrap style of dress. The wrap style closes around the waist to help create an effect similar to wearing a belt and makes the curves stand out. Also, the V-neck dress style is certain to benefit this type of body shape.

Best of Trending Styles in Men’s Eyewear for 2017

No matter how much you love contact lenses, eyeglasses are better as far as comfort and feel are concerned. You don’t need to bother about the wear time, and there are endless styles for different preferences. In this post, we will guide you through the trending frame styles for men, and in between, we also have a few tips for your shopping needs.

Tortoise Shell Prints

Shell prints have been trending for a while now, and this is an excellent choice for men who are not fond of block colored frames. Many of the leading brands have other animal-print inspired designs, as well, so there are plenty of ideas. As for the shape, you can go for something casual in the rectangular designs, or else, just pick up an edgy wayfarer!

Transparent Frames

Well, if you love wearing eyeglasses that almost feel like second skin, this is the trend for you. Initially, women experimented more with the clear and transparent frames, but the trend is catching up with men, as well. You can go for a pair of lightly tinted but clear frames with matching lenses, or just play it smooth with an entirely transparent design – The choice is yours.

Completely Black

Black frames have a very nerdy look, which works perfectly for men who spend nine hours or more at work. Not everyone is fond of trendy eyeglasses, and simplicity is your thing, a nice pair of black eyeglasses in a frame shape of your choice is a sound investment. Also, this style never really goes out of vogue, and one can experiment with endless forms, including wayfarers and round frames.

Metallic Wire Frames

Gold and silver frames always look classy and edgy at the same time, and you will love the new-age designs that almost feel like metallic wire. These are thin frames that have a nice metallic finish, and the look is incredibly easy and efficient, depending on what kind of shape you pick. For men who don’t love the idea of wearing bulky glasses, this is something that should work without losing the drama.

Purple is Here

For a while, blue ruled the color palette in men’s eyewear, but thankfully, we have now switched to purple. The color itself is flattering, and you can try both semi-transparent and opaque frames in a wide number of shapes. Red is also one of the favorite colors in eyeglasses, but most men might not find it masculine enough, at least for daily wear. Surely with purple, you are safe and ready to go.

Love My Nudes

Well, nude eyeglass frames for men look fun and really formal, and for men who have a thing for more appealing colors that don’t look over the top, this is surely a trend worth trying. You can find varied options, depending on the kind of style you like, but go for tan and brown shades, which are usually safer and available in most stores.

Of course, check online to get the best deals.

Real Fur Accessories Trending This Fashion Season

If you want to make a fashion statement there is no classier way to accomplish this than by wearing a fur coat or accessory.It is setting the fashion trend for this season and can be found everywhere from evening wear to casual attire. The availability of various designs and styles make it a must-have for any fashion conscious woman today.

During the 80s and 90s, real fur was considered a fashion faux pas with donning it frowned upon. It was considered elitist and became a target for animal rights movements like PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) with a large public outcry against wearers of real one. This led to the introduction of faux fur, which although initially well received, did not have the same impact or appeal as that of real fur.

With the introduction of origin assured labels that ensure fur is ethically sourced real fur is back in the limelight as an indispensable part of ladies fashion. From real fur collars to full capes, jackets to trimmed suits all of these have become integral to women’s fashion. Fur apparel and accessories help to exude elegance and style for the quintessential modern woman. The top types of furs in the market include sable, Persian lamb, fox, beaver, mink, and raccoon among others.

While faux furs offer an alternative, any fur lover who is a genuine aficionado will any day prefer real fur to wear and feel pampered. If you have been considering an upgrade to your wardrobe adding fur to your collection will add that all essential glamour quotient. There are a variety of designers offering a wide selection of real fur collars and clothing and accessories.

Apart from exuding genteel grace that will turn heads fur also offers greater value for money spent n comparison to other clothing. The best example is vintage furs that are thoroughly cleaned and even refashioned to create something new and in sync with the current fashion trends. New or vintage the sheer beauty of the material is unmatched.

Another advantage of opting for fur is that it is not necessary to go in for a complete coat or full-length cape. You could select a leather hat or jacket lined with real fur among a host of other options. Just having a well-tailored business suit with a classy collar can add oodles of elegance to the appearance of any woman.

Some of the key aspects to look for selecting fur are as follows:

It should blend in perfectly with the color of the garment and be supple and lustrous to look at.

Apart from the rich glossy hair on top, there has to be an undercoat of dense soft hair beneath it. It should not feel rough to the touch.

The underside must be flexible and the seams should be well stitched. If upon trial the shoulders and hem fall evenly and it is flexible it is well made.

While buying, take the weight of the fur into consideration. While most are lightweight they depend on other factors like style, lining, size etc.

Trendy Navy Dresses

When it comes to dresses, you need to be careful so as to ensure that you end up with the trendiest and the best in the market. Navy blue has always been one of the most amazing colors to go for and it is no wonder that you find many places that bear this theme. It is a very common color for bridesmaids and other kinds of parties and most especially with the ladies.

Events are a big deal and therefore you need to choose a dress that is exciting and totally attractive. You should make sure that you choose a dress that matches your body and with so many designs available, you can never go wrong. Some tips include:

Picking the element that will bind it all together

In case of an event that is color coded such as a wedding, it is essential that you match. One of the worst things you can do is to have dresses that are not unified. You can choose an element, such as being strapless; has a bolero or a shrug and so on. Go with a theme when you are choosing the navy blue dresses so as to bring out the best during the event that you plan to grace.

Length choice

The choice of length is a personal decision unless you are choosing for an event where you must match. In the latter case, you should ensure that the length is the same. You can also choose the length of the navy dress depending on how nice your legs are or if you want to conceal a not so attractive feature on the same area.

Why choose navy blue?

There has been a trend where people wear mismatched dresses. While many people follow the trend, sometimes it isn’t always so appealing to the eye. The thing about navy blue is the fact that it is so complete and never out of fashion. Having a single color, especially when there is an important event lets you look totally on point and neat.

Ask for advice

It is always a good idea to listen to what others have to say. You can let them tell you what kind of dress works for you and what doesn’t. In such a case, they can give very honest opinion about the fit, design and even the length of the dress you should pick. In case of an event such as a wedding, you should allow the bridesmaids to give their own opinion on what the dresses should be like.

Take your time finding a navy dress. The more there are in a store, the easier it will be for you to find one that will fit you perfectly.

Navy blue is the new black and this is what so many fashion icons are leaving black and choosing navy blue. It is the sign of understated style. It is inky and it looks very expensive when worn in the correct way. A navy blue dress is a worthy addition to your wardrobe.

Different Types of Handbags You Can Always Use

If fashion accessories are important to you, then a handbag is an item that expresses your mood and style. While you have plenty of options to choose from, you should consider something that’s durable and easier to maintain. So, here’s a list of bags which can be used for various occasions.

Usually, totes are large in size and have a square or rectangular shaped handle. These offer ample space to carry everything you need for a trip. It could either be a makeup kit, a laptop or your tablet. Depending on your choice, you can always skim through a vast collection at local outlets. In case you can’t spare time, then it’s better to skim through numerous options online.

Cross-body Bags
As the name implies, cross-body bags are generally carried with the handle over a shoulder. The straps which are either made up of leather or chain-links can be easily adjusted to a suitable length. You can always carry such handbags if you’re spending a night at a club or wandering somewhere near a zoo.

Regardless of the purpose, hobos appear stylish and are perfect to carry belongings. These can be carried comfortably because you can hold them with your hand. Typically, these are made of leather and are most popular among contemporary women. As you step out from your house, a handbag with a printed design would surely let you redefine style.

A satchel is nothing but a handbag that features two short handles and a flat bottom. While satchels complement your style, these help you carry items whenever the need arises. Once you visit local stores, you can always purchase such purses within your budget. As compared to totes, these bags have many compartments and are larger in size.

Backpack Handbags
Backpacks are fashionable bags which can be carried on your shoulders. These bags still prevail to be the most popular choice among ladies because they offer plenty of space to organize things. In addition, you can think about stuffing numerous items since this handbag has a main compartment along with pockets towards the side

Shoulder Bags
As it’s evident from the name, shoulder bags can be comfortably carried on your shoulder. These offer sufficient space and help you carry your smartphone, tablet or an e-book reader. Since these are versatile, every woman loves purchasing such bags. If you are thinking about buying a unique bag, then you can always opt for a slouchy hobo.

Clutches are purses which you can hold with your hand or just under your armpit. Most of the times, clutches feature a flap that can be fastened by a magnetic button or a clasp. While you are getting ready for an event, you can use such bags to carry essentials like a pack of cards, cash, and your smartphone.

So, buy handbags through an online portal if it’s not possible to visit the market.

Exploring the Ins and Outs of Stainless Steel Fashion Jewelry

The popularity of stainless steel as part of fashion jewelry is continuously rising. They can retain their beautiful finish for a more extended period compared to other materials, and so this has evolved as a popular jewelry choice among many individuals.

Growing popularity

What is fashion jewelry? This is the most popular kinds of jewelry all across the globe, especially among the women. This type of jewelry is also called costume jewelry. People wear stainless steel fashion jewelry not just on special occasions but also while going out on dates. These kinds of showpieces represent your inner personality. It gives a scope to express yourself at an affordable rate.

Fashion accessories

Multiple colors can be injected, and it will give you an opportunity to expose your vibrant style. An anodized coating of titanium over stainless steel will incorporate the elements of durability and color.

The range of colors of stainless steel fashion jewelry may differ from rich pinks to glossy blacks. A solid bracelet made with a combination of silver and golden colors would look ravishing with any attire. Stainless steel incorporated in these designs increases the durability of these fashion statements. All those items will work out well with any formal suits as well as casual wear.

Appealing to both genders

Men love pieces of jewelry which can withstand rough conditions while they are working. Products made from stainless steel are quite strong and have a masculine touch. Bold designs along with an element of ruggedness can be worn with casual attire.

However, that does not indicate you should choose the next available steel product you come across on the market. There are numerous women style products which you should avoid. Some of the intricate designs in various stainless steel fashion items along with attractive mingling of colors provide a very stylish appearance.

These products on its own are capable of grabbing the attention of your friends. The feminine touch in all these designs enhances the elegance when worn in combination with a formal outfit. Since it is lightweight in nature, it can be worn by any age group.

Low maintenance

This alloy of chromium and iron do not rust. With the passage of time, it may lose its bright polish. To restore the shine, you can use a combination of baking soda and water.

Even a mixture of mild soap and water works out well. In the entire process of cleaning, care should be taken to avoid tempering with gemstones. You can utilize brass cleaners too. You should always conduct a test on a small area before deciding on which cleaning product to use. So maintenance of these items does not require the use of pricey cleaning products.

Available at affordable rates

These items cannot be resized because they become very hard once they are made. So you have to provide your proper size from the very beginning. While placing the stainless steel showpiece into your jewelry box, do not put it in front of gold or silver ornaments. The hard nature of steel items can cause damage to other showpieces made from other metals.

These are only minor negative points. These items are affordable. They can be purchased from nearby neighborhood stores, or you can get a wide range of collection in various online stores.

10 Best Denim Jackets of 2017

As far as trends go, the denim remains one of the most enduring materials in everyone’s wardrobe. There are only a handful of people who will not have at least one denim jacket in their wardrobe, let alone denim pants. The denim jacket is a classic that comes ready for all occasions. You can rock your denim jacket during summer or winter without bucking any trends, that’s why denim jackets are one of our favorite fabrics. We have made a list of the 10 best denim jackets for a broad range of budgets.

10. Rag & Bone Washed Stretch

This is the go-to denim for those who like a combination of a rough look and a comfortable feel. The denim dye is a very light blue wash with a bit of stretch. This gives the jacket a classy aged look that’s pleasing to the eye. You can wear this jacket anytime you want to rock a smart casual look with whatever combination of trousers you want.

9. Helbers Over-sized

Trust the best to come up with the best, Paul Helbers the former Louis Vuitton designer comes up with a great jacket with a darker shade of blue dye and big chest pockets. This is the kind of design that will have you feeling good about yourself. It just had to make this best denim jacket list.

8. Folk Orb White

If you are a big fan of white denim, you will love this contemporary design from folk on a beautiful warm day. Just be sure not to get yourself caught in a dust storm because the white can get a bit tricky to maintain.

7. Jean Shop Thurman Slim- fit Washed Denim Chore Jacket

This is a contemporary jacket with a classic feel. It features four front pockets and a medium denim dye with washed out creases. This is a great chore denim from Jean Shop with a hardy design that you will love to wear for any occasion.

6. A.P.C. Over-dyed

This A.P.C. jacket fits the bill if what you just want to have your denim look without a lot of unnecessary decor going on. It has a design that is easy on the eye made possible by an over-dyed denim fabric and burnished silver buttons

5. Acne Studios Who Mid Vintage

For this design, Acne studio plays around with some top quality denim and gives an aged look. We all love our denim to look vintage and a bit worn out, this is just the right design for the casual man… which is all of US.

4. Union Blues Hughes

The denim on this jacket is dark blue with washed out patches on the front. It is the ultimate rough denim jacket. This jacket alone will earn you respect in the streets. If tough is what you’re looking for, you’re standing on its doorstep with this jacket.

3. Levi’s Trucker

This iconic jacket has been worn by everybody from chart topping country musicians to the neighborhood street hustler. It is as timeless as it is famous. You will not need much convincing to see why this jacket is so revered and makes a list. The rough look and compact torso will make you look well kept, and the loose arms will give you a warm day’s comfort.

2. Topman Mid Wash

I love this denim because it has just the right kind of a wash for me. A perfectly toned dye that just about gets you blended on the streets and still manages to draw attention to your sense of style for the keen eye. Tribute to Topman for another affordable but sleek jacket that just perfectly layers over a t-shirt on a great summer’s day.

1. Levi’s 1967 Type Ill

This list would be incomplete without this great denim jacket. It features the very best denim dye that you can get and Levi’s pointed pockets. You will not go unnoticed if you spot this classic on a busy day in Manhattan. This is one denim that you can add to your long term collection. A pure Levi’s great and our best denim jacket.